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When your boiler stops working or develops a fault, impacting your hot water or central heating, it can be incredibly stressful and disruptive. The Boiler Repair Specialist team knows how serious this can be and is proud to provide boiler repair services throughout Derby and the surrounding areas.

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Boiler Repair Specialist Ltd

When you hire us, you will benefit from a team of boiler experts who are fully qualified, insured, and gas-safe engineers with many decades of experience. With competitive and affordable prices, minus hidden costs, if you have a problem with your heating or hot water and need a boiler repair or boiler service, don’t hesitate to contact us today.


How We Work

It can be distressing when your boiler develops a fault or breaks down, which is why our team at Boiler Repair Specialist will endeavour to put you at ease. If you require emergency boiler repair, we will aim to respond and come out to your property within an hour of your call unless we are swamped. Even if we are busy, we will do our best to arrive at your property ASAP.

Once our boiler engineer has arrived, they will thoroughly assess your boiler and heating system to identify potential problems and what may be causing them. They can conduct the boiler repair during the same visit if they have the necessary parts and components in their van.

If your boiler has a more serious issue and needs specialist parts or components, or we don’t have them in our van, we will order them and collect them within a few days.

We will book a time for our engineer to come back out and conduct the boiler repair that is suitable for you.

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Boiler Repair Specialist Ltd


Diagnosing Faults Can Help Us Repair Your Boiler Quicker

Modern boilers are fitted with displays that flash error codes when there is a fault with the boiler or another part of your central heating or water heating system. While these error codes will not always tell the whole story of what is wrong with your boiler or system, they can help our boiler engineers quickly identify the specific issue and find a solution or determine the correct repair.

Our boiler specialists have experience working with all the major boiler and heating system brands and models and have access to support services and manufacturer user guides. If an error code is displayed on your boiler or another part of your system, please let us know at the time of the call.

Boiler Repair Derby Prices

The Boiler Repair Specialist team is determined to deliver the best, most competitively priced, and most affordable boiler repair service in the wider Derby area. With that in mind, we will always be completely transparent about the costs of your boiler repairs.

The price of your boiler repairs will depend on several important factors:

  • Type of boiler — There are a variety of boilers available on the market these days, from combis to systems and conventional boilers. The cost of repairing a combi boiler may be different from that of repairing a conventional boiler, for example.
  • Type of Repairs — As various things can go wrong with serious and less severe boilers, the cost of boiler repairs depends on the type of repair. For instance, replacing a significant part or component, like the heat exchanger, will cost more than a quick thermostat repair or replacement valve.
  • Emergency Boiler Services — The urgency of the boiler repairs you need can also impact the price. For example, if your boiler has stopped working completely and you do not have access to central heating or hot water, it will likely cost more than something less urgent, like a replacement valve.

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Boiler Repair Specialist Ltd

Our Prices

As noted, boiler repair prices will differ considerably from one job to another, depending on the factors above. However, to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay, we have provided estimated prices below.

  • Boiler Repairs – standard boiler repairs will cost anything from £100 to £500, with the average cost being approximately £200.
  • Gas Engineer hourly rate — The standard hourly rate for a gas engineer is £50, and then we add the price of the repairs and parts to that.
  • Boiler Service — We offer boiler services at a fixed rate of £75 unless you have a more complex system in place.
  • Emergency boiler repair costs – our emergency boiler repairs typically cost anything from £222 to £600, with the average price being around £310.

Emergency Boiler Repair Derby

Like many things in life, we all know that boilers do not pick the best times to develop faults or stop working. That is why we are committed to providing the emergency boiler repairs you need when you need them. Our boiler experts are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, come rain or shine. We manage the following as part of the emergency repairs services we offer here at Boiler Repair Specialist.

  • Faulty timers and programmers
  • Leaking pipework
  • Damaged circuit boards
  • Pilot light and ignition issues
  • The kettling effect, consistent banging noises
  • Broken valves, pumps and burners
  • Consistently reduced boiler water pressure
  • Display panel error codes
  • There is no hot water on your property
  • Thermostat control issues

While the above are among the most frequent repairs, if your boiler or heating system has a different issue, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our team.

Boiler Repair Types

As various boilers are available nowadays, we cover all the most commonly used boilers. We specifically offer the following:

  • Gas Boiler Repair
  • Oil Boiler Repair

Boiler Repair Brands We Support

There are also many different boiler brands and models available right now. The Boiler Repair Specialist team is experienced, skilled and knowledgeable about most major brands and models. However, we do offer specifically authorised support and repairs for the following:

  • Worcester Boiler Repair
  • Vaillant Boiler Repair
  • Ideal Boiler Repair
  • Baxi Boiler Repair

One Off Boiler Repair Derby

Investing in an annual boiler service by an experienced team of experts like Boiler Repair Specialist is considered good boiler maintenance. However, if you are interested in a one-off boiler repair, we will be happy to help you.

Boiler Service Derby

As noted above, one of the best ways to look after your boiler is to arrange for a regular annual service. This will mean that your boiler, central heating, and hot water system are working properly. We provide an expert boiler service in Derby and the surrounding areas for a fixed-rate price of £75.

In addition to an annual boiler service, here are other maintenance tips:

  • Pressure checks – you should regularly check the water pressure valve on your boiler to ensure it works efficiently. Please do so to avoid regular breakdowns.
  • System flushing – System flushing removes all sludge and debris that could be clogging up your boiler and stopping it from working correctly. It is normally conducted every three to five years, though it depends on the quality of water in your property and area.
  • Radiator bleeding – bleeding radiators help remove trapped air from inside them, which can improve the heating efficiency of your home’s central heating and reduce the strain placed on your boiler.


Should I ever attempt to repair a boiler myself?

While we understand you want to save money, you should avoid trying to repair or replace parts of your boiler. It is illegal and dangerous and should only be conducted by a gas-safe, accredited, insured and experienced boiler engineer.

Does a broken-down boiler count as a boiler emergency repair?

In most situations, the answer to this question is yes. It is essential to understand that various reasons cause boiler breakdowns, and the solution is sometimes more straightforward than you think. If, though, your boiler has stopped working entirely and there is no access to central heating or hot water on your property, or your boiler has developed a fault that could pose a threat to the health and safety of you, your household and the property itself, you should call our expert team.

How long will emergency boiler repairs take to complete?

It’s important to understand that every boiler emergency is different, and the amount of time it takes to complete one will depend on the type of boiler, the type of damage, and whether specialist parts or components are needed. If it is an extensive job, it may take a number of days to complete. However, more simple boiler repairs, like the replacement of valves or smaller parts, could be completed within a couple of hours.

Regardless of the type of repair you need, Boiler Repair Specialist has a team of boiler experts ready and willing to help you around the clock, seven days a week.

What should you do when your boiler stops working?

When your boiler simply stops working, it can be incredibly frustrating and concerning. First, you should check for any signs of leaks or a smell of gas. If things are safe from that point of view, you can try resetting your boiler and ensuring the pilot light is on. If you are unsure how to do this, look at the manufacturer’s user manual for your boiler or contact the manufacturer directly.

Different boiler manufacturers have different troubleshooting tips, so it’s important to check the proper process for your specific boiler brand and model.

If your boiler is still not working, even after you have tried resetting it, you should contact a reputable and experienced team of boiler experts, like one of our team here at Boiler Repair Specialist.

Can you reduce needing regular boiler repairs by investing in an annual boiler service?

Yes, arranging to have a regular annual boiler service can help reduce the frequency of boiler repairs and their costs. When a boiler expert conducts a boiler service, they can identify potential issues that could damage your boiler or stop it from working further down the line and offer pre-emptive repairs or replacements. The sooner you deal with these issues, the better and the less they will cost.

Why Choose Us

We know we have many rivals in the sector, so you may wonder why you should choose one of the experts here at Boiler Repair Specialist to care for all your boiler repair and

service needs. When you choose our team over others, you get the following benefits:

  • 24/7 Emergency Response — Our team of boiler experts is available in Derbyshire around the clock, seven days a week, even on public holidays and other seasonal times. This means that no matter when your boiler stops working or develops a fault, we can come to your property within the hour (in most scenarios) and identify the issues.
  • Competitive and affordable pricing – we provide affordable and competitive pricing for boiler repair work in the Derbyshire area.
  • Gas Safe Expert Engineers – When you hire one of our team members as a boiler repair specialist, you benefit from a fully insured and gas-safe accredited team.
  • Friendly and warm, customer-led team — Although they are boiler experts, our team is also trained to be warm, friendly, and people-oriented. We want you to feel you are in safe hands when you hire us. Our boiler engineers will walk you through any identified problems with your boiler and the solutions or repairs necessary.

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Boiler Repair Specialist Ltd

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Nothing is as stressful or frustrating as experiencing boiler issues or, even worse, complete boiler breakdown. Don’t worry, though, as we are here to help. It doesn’t matter whether you want to arrange an annual boiler service or require boiler repairs or emergency boiler repairs. Contact one of our team here at Boiler Repair Specialist for expert help from a reliable company of boiler engineers in the Derby area you can trust. You can call us on 01332 215084 or use the contact form here.

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