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Boiler Repair Nottingham


Affordable, Competitive Boiler Repair Services in Nottingham with Boiler Repair Specialist

Our modern homes rely on our boilers for hot water and heating, so it can be frustrating and stressful when they stop working correctly or break down completely. At Boiler Repair Specialist, we understand the concern and disruption it can cause and are here to help by providing boiler repair services 24/7 across Nottingham and the surrounding areas.

Our boiler specialists are fully insured, qualified, certified gas-safe engineers with many years of experience working in the industry. With competitive and affordable prices, minus hidden costs, if you have a problem with your heating or hot water and need a boiler repair or boiler service, don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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How We Work

When you call out Boiler Repair Specialist, we will aim to respond to your emergency within an hour, depending on how busy we are. Once at your home or property, we will assess the boiler and heating system to identify the problem and its root cause. If the replacement parts are available in our van, we can often fix your boiler there and then. In these situations, we will typically charge a half-hour rate (a minimum of one hour) and the cost of materials and parts.

However, if we cannot solve the problem and provide boiler repair for you there and then, for example, if your boiler or heating system needs specialist components or parts that we would need to order, then we will give you a fixed price quote for the work, including the cost of materials and parts.

Parts that need to be ordered can be collected in a couple of days, and we will schedule the return visit the same day. If there are any short-term solutions, we will implement them so your boiler continues to run until we can solve the problem.


Fault Diagnosis Helps Us Repair Boilers Faster

All modern boilers and heating systems display error codes that indicate when there is a fault with the boiler or some part of the system. Although this does not always reveal the full extent of a problem, it can help us narrow down the time we need to find the parts or components that are failing. At Boiler Repair Specialist, we have experience working on all major boiler and heating system brands and models and have access to the relevant support services and user guides for these systems.

We need to offer a fully transparent and clear emergency boiler repair service.

Boiler Repair Nottingham Prices

As we want to deliver the best services to our customers, we are as competitive and transparent with the pricing for our boiler repair services as we can. Several different factors influence the price for boiler repairs in Nottingham.


Boiler Repair Specialist Ltd


Factors Influencing Boiler Repair Prices

  • Type of Boiler Repairs — If it’s a minor thing like a replacement valve or thermostat repair, it will cost less than replacing your boiler’s heat exchanger or another more significant component.
  • Type of Boiler — Different kinds of boilers are available, and whether you have a conventional, system, or combi boiler will impact the overall cost of the repairs. For example, the repair costs for a Vaillant boiler will differ from those of a Worcester boiler or Ideal boiler.
  • Emergency Boiler Services — Another major factor that can impact the cost of boiler repairs is how urgently you need them. Emergency boiler repairs are usually more expensive than those that are less urgent.

Our Prices

While our prices will differ from one job to the next depending on the specifics of the work involved, we have included a general breakdown of the costs of our most commonly requested services.

  • Boiler Repairs — Will cost between £100 and £500, with an average of £200.
  • Gas Engineer hourly rate — £50 per hour, plus the cost of parts and the repairs.
  • Boiler Service — £75 fixed rate.
  • Emergency boiler repair costs — Emergency boiler repairs typically fall between £222 and £600, with the average working out at approximately £310.

Emergency Boiler Repair Nottingham

As boilers rarely seem to choose convenient times to break down or develop faults, we offer a 24/7 emergency boiler repair service that aims to help you with your heating and hot water issues when they happen. As part of our emergency repairs, we can manage the following issues:

  • Thermostat control errors
  • Hot water is not available on your property
  • Error codes on the display panel of the boiler
  • Boiler pressure repeatedly reduced
  • Broken burners, valves and pumps
  • Banging noises, known as the kettling effect
  • Problems related to the boiler ignition and pilot light
  • Printed circuit board damages
  • Pipework leakages
  • Faulty programmers and timers

Although the above are the most common repairs we deal with, if you are experiencing any other issues with your boiler or central heating system, please don’t hesitate to contact Boiler Repair Specialist.

Boiler Repair Types

As you know, there are various types of boilers on the market. At Boiler Repair Specialist, we can help with the following repairs:

  • Gas Boiler Repair
  • Oil Boiler Repair

Boiler Repair Brands We Support

Our team of experienced and skilled boiler repair experts are familiar with and has worked with most of the major brands on the market. However, the following boiler brands are the ones for which we provide authorised repair support:

  • Worcester Boiler Repair
  • Vaillant Boiler Repair
  • Ideal Boiler Repair
  • Baxi Boiler Repair

One Off Boiler Repair Nottingham

While we encourage all of our customers to invest in a regular boiler service from a reputable company like our own, we understand if you are just looking for a one-off boiler repair. At Boiler Repair Specialist, we are happy to provide a one-off boiler repair at an affordable and competitive price.

Boiler Service Nottingham

Investing in an annual boiler service is one of the best ways to make sure that your boiler, heating, and hot water are always working. At Boiler Repair Specialist, we offer a full boiler service to homeowners throughout Nottingham and the surrounding areas.

Our annual boiler service means that all the components in your boiler and central heating system work correctly. It will cost a fixed rate of £75 unless any issues or problems need to be solved.

Along with boiler service, you should consider the following additional maintenance jobs:

  • System flushing — System flushing is conducted so that your heating system is free from debris and sludge to prevent damage and improve its overall efficiency. This is usually done every 3 to 5 years, depending on the water quality in your area.
  • Pressure checks — It is essential to regularly check your boiler’s pressure levels to ensure they are within the optimum range. If your boiler does not have the correct pressure, it can lead to multiple breakdowns and other issues and increase the cost of repairs.
  • Bleeding radiators — Bleeding radiators are essential to remove any trapped air from your property’s radiators. This helps reduce the strain on your boiler and heating system and improves the heating efficiency of the radiators and the whole system.


How long does it take to complete an emergency boiler repair?

There is no set answer to this question, as the time it will take to complete a boiler repair will depend on the type of damage, how extensive the problem is, and what work needs to be done to fix it. Simple boiler repairs will often take as little as one to two hours, while the more complicated and intricate repairs of boilers could take several days. At Boiler Repair Specialist, we have emergency boiler engineers available around the clock and carry common replacement parts in their vans so we can manage the most basic repair jobs as and when we respond to your call. If your boiler needs a more specialist component or part, we have a list of trusted suppliers from which we can source it.

Does a boiler that has broken down count as an emergency repair?

Although the answer to this question is an obvious yes, there are various reasons boilers stop working, and the solutions are often more straightforward than you realise. Circumstances and specific situations surrounding the boiler not working could indicate whether it needs emergency repair. For instance, it may be okay to call an emergency plumber from our Boiler Repair Specialist team. If there are problems with your boiler, though, that could be dangerous for your property or members of your family or household, we recommend that you call our team, and we will send out a fully qualified and certified boiler repair specialist to assess the problem. One more common scenario than you may imagine is when boilers break down over winter. If you have elderly, infirm or children living with you and can’t survive comfortably and healthily without heating, we recommend you contact us immediately.

What can you do when your boiler stops working?

If your boiler stops working, first check for leaks or the smell of gas. Then, try resetting the boiler and ensuring the pilot light is on. As all boilers have specific troubleshooting practices, check the manufacturer’s manual and follow its instructions for the boiler reset. In many situations, simply resting the boiler will solve the problem. However, if resetting your boiler does not solve the issue, contact a Boiler Repair Specialist, and we will send out one of our qualified boiler repair engineers. You should also do this if the carbon monoxide detector has sounded, you smell gas, or the boiler stops working completely.

What is considered an emergency boiler repair?

While many people would only consider a boiler completely breaking down an emergency, we don’t necessarily see it that way. For many people, a boiler not working correctly or as optimally as it is supposed to could feel like an emergency. The accurate indicator of whether an emergency is if your home does not have hot water or heating or if there is a real risk to the property’s and its inhabitants’ safety.

Will a boiler service reduce boiler repairs?

Overall, yes, having a regular, normally annual boiler service carried out by expert boiler specialists will reduce the costs of repairs. During a service, engineers can identify potential issues and replace parts and components preemptively before they cause more costly damage


Can I repair my boiler myself?

Although we understand the desire to save a little money through DIY repairs, you should never try to repair or replace components or parts of your boiler yourself. Not only is it illegal, but it is extremely dangerous. You need to hire an appropriately trained and gas-safe accredited boiler engineer to carry out any work on your boiler.

Why Choose Us

With many different companies to choose from, you may wonder why you should contact Boiler Repair Specialist. Here are a few benefits of contacting one of our team:

  • Affordable and Competitive Pricing — We have worked hard to make sure that we offer truly competitive and affordable pricing on all boiler repair work in Nottinghamshire.
  • 24/7 Response — We know exceptionally well that boilers don’t choose the most convenient times to stop working or develop faults, so we offer complete 24/7 emergency repairs.
  • Fully Insured and Gas-Safe Expert Engineers — Our team consists of highly experienced, fully insured, and accredited Gas Safe engineers. This means you can have peace of mind that when you hire us, your boiler problems will be solved by a team that knows what they are doing and will do it safely.
  • Warm and Friendly Team — Our warm and friendly customer service approach is at the heart of our boiler repair services in Nottinghamshire. Our engineers love helping people and will always do their best to help you and keep you informed about what is happening with your heating and boiler.


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